You are a multi-dimensional being and co-creative master of your reality

Corinna Springer aka Gian Kamal is a New York based energy practitioner and author. In the course of her 14 years of experience with energy healing, she has assisted people in finding their path to well being through self empowerment and a newfound joy of life.

Since the completion of her training as a Reiki Master /Teacher in 2006, Gian Kamal has been studying in depth with many renowned teachers in Meta-Physics and in the Healing Arts, while also running a Fashion PR company in New York. In recent years, Gian Kamal has carved out her own techniques, and is offering energy transmissions, in form of individual sessions, workshops and curated events.



During the energy session, Gian unblocked something in me that had been keeping me stuck. Shortly after the session things started moving forward in my life. I found a studio space I had been looking for and a spiritual business coach to help me further along I also ended up going back to school to get a deeper training for a career path she had encouraged me. My journey is still unfolding, but I know that Gian was the catalyst that helped me to start making progress when I was most stuck. Thank you so much!”

“Gian’s energy treatments have been instrumental in helping me navigate through important transitions in both my personal and professional lives. At first, I expected the sessions to sway me into a specific direction, but they helped me be more introspective resulting in decisions that I have never regretted because they came from my heart.