Born and raised in Germany, Corinna Springer has enjoyed a very liberal education, and has been introduced to esoteric knowledge early on in her life. At the age of 19 she moved to Paris to study French Literature at the Sorbonne and later obtained a master in Fine Arts at Vincennes Saint -Denis, but finally ended up working in Fashion.

When in 2003 Springer was initiated into Reiki, her life changed completely, she moved from Paris to New York and while still working in fashion, her spiritual quest was guiding her to more books and tools, to learn about the seemingly imperceivable realms that intrigued her so much. She then decided to become a Reiki teacher herself in 2006, and a Rising Star Practitioner quickly thereafter. Trainings and studies into various other intuitive healing modalities followed suit.

With time any energy work session she gave was followed by longer and longer conversations, to explain potential long lasting effects of the latter, and counseling became quickly another way of helping her clients to understand what was going on in their lives. In 2012 she felt compelled to share some of her experiences and findings to help people deal with this "new reality that many were experiencing, moving from the prevailing 3 dimensional concept into a multi-dimensional understanding of life: She wrote “An Intuitive Study of Reality” counting her journey into spirituality in 22 short chapters.  purchase book on Amazon

In 2015 Springer obtained her spiritual sikh name Gian Kamal Kaur, which means  "lotus of wisdom and knowledge" and fittingly illustrates her quest for truth and initiation into the mysteries of life.

In the Fall of 2017 Corinna Springer launched GIAN KAMAL, a line of essential oils and sprays, infused with a golden light energy, often referred to as "living light".

                                                                                                          Portrait by Ami Sioux

                                                                                                         Portrait by Ami Sioux